Patented technology of Jinggangmen Longmen Aluminum

      Jinggang gantry cabinets have just entered the market, facing this huge market gap, if you open a local: Jinggang gantry cabinet door business department, will be the traditional crystal plate, ordinary paint cabinets, old style steel Doors, forming an overwhelming challenge, coupled with the strong technology, equipment and strong advertising support provided by Jiashida, will bring investors a wealth of sky.


Joining the Jiashida Alliance Enterprise
Recruitment of Jiashida Alliance: Free of initial fee and promotion fee
     "Gast" as a focus Gast Industrial Co., Ltd. Guangdong's in the closet door industry brand names, is located in the famous hometown of overseas Chinese --- Jiangmen, Gast Industry after the staff years of hard work and pragmatic, build the Gast, KASEDA, edge flower, beautiful color, fine parrot door, grain steel gantry and other well-known brands for different consumer groups; enterprises to produce high-end crystal steel cabinet doors product known in the industry, has long been adhering to the " Integrity, quality, innovation, efficiency, service, " five principles of management, has won the appreciation and trust of countless consumers across the country. Jiashida is a brand in the cabinet industry with high reputation. The products are novel and unique, fashionable and environmentally friendly, leading the development trend of the industry. Focus on customers, serve with heart, expand the future, and strive to build the first brand in the cabinet industry
      Jiashida has developed into a complete supply base for supporting materials of Jinggangmen in South China. The products are exported to Beijing, Shanghai, Hebei, Hunan, Fujian, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Shanxi and other 34 provinces, more than 1,500 cities. The region has won unanimous recognition and trust from customers, and is deeply loved and loved by customers.
     Advantages of Jiashida Enterprise
First, Gast received a large number of perennial grain steel doors Order: exhibition in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and other large building materials exhibition in cabinets
     Cabinet cabinet books, Alibaba, Taobao, building materials net invested a lot of advertising, for the good of the country
     Franchisees provide a lot of grain steel door ordering information.
2. Jiashida is not only an excellent supplier of equipment materials, but also a partner for customers to find customer resources and create wealth.
3. Jiashida has a good reputation in the industry and can help you establish your own brand and open the market.
4. Jiashida has more than 1,000 sales outlets throughout the country , group management, high brand awareness and high influence.
5. Jiashida is exempt from the initial fee, the whole factory outputs technical support, and joins a successful one.
Sixth, Jiashida has a first-class design and R & D team, the company's products continue to innovate, products can always go

Leading the market in the market
Seven, Jiashida integration provides you with color card, brochure, sample room sample book and other information
8. Jiashida's large-scale production of products, with a large inventory, fast and timely delivery

Nine, Jiashida has a professional logistics distribution team, professional after-sales service team
X. Jiashida's old customers can enjoy the exclusive right to purchase new products and enjoy the exclusive right to sell new products in the region.
     Your benefit from joining us
1. Jiashida distributes a large number of crystal steel door ordering information to you all the year round.
Second, do not spend huge sums of money to open online stores, do network promotion, exhibition promotion, you have your own site
Third, you don't have to pay the initial fee, you can have your own product brand right away.
Fourth , your product brand has more than 1,000 franchisees across the country, group management
5. Your product brand nationwide chain sales, reliable and reliable, high visibility, great influence
Sixth , your product is the latest product in the cabinet door industry, with high profit margin
Seven , your product area protection, let you operate with peace of mind, national uniform price sales
Eight , the amount of investment is small , the risk is small, and the income is large  
Nine , don't have to go around and find a good faith supplier
Ten , Jiashida full set to provide you: product production technology, cabinet accessories raw materials, product sales book, store decoration
     Program, uniform work clothes, product brochures, promotional materials

You joined us! You can have your own business by focusing on the local development market!

Pre-insulation steel pipe

All kinds of medium thermal insulation and cold insulation engineering which the conveying temperature is in the range of -50℃~150℃, it is widely used in thermal insulation and cold insulation engineering of urban collective heating, warm room, refrigeratory, coal mine, petroleum, port and chemical etc industry.


The thermal insulation pipe not only has the advanced technology and practical performance that the traditional trench and overhead laying pipeline cannot match, but also has the remarkable social and economic benefits, and is also a powerful measure of heat supply energy conservation.

thermal insulation steel pipe


1. Strong corrosion resistance and waterproof ability, low comprehensive cost

2.Low heat loss, saving energy.The heat loss is only 25% of the traditional pipe material

3 long service life

4. Less land area and fast construction are conducive to environmental protection

Packaging Details

Plastic caps on both ends, Steel bundle, Woven bag or acc. to customers' request.

Delivery Time

15 days after receiving deposit


If you have any questions, please contact with us directly and welcome you can visit our Factory.

Pre-Insulated Steel Pipe

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