Technical advantages of the filling machine

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  Under the operation and control of high-speed PLC , through the man-machine dialogue interface, the linear stepless speed stepping filling can be realized, and the filling capacity can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the pneumatic gland or capping device can be matched. It can be equipped with a solenoid valve induction sealing device to form a multi-station, multi-machine production line. The production line integrates machine, electricity and gas into one, with unique design, complete functions, stable performance, high quality and beautiful appearance. The filling nozzle has a flushing type or a straight flushing type, which is suitable for different liquid filling, obliquely adapting to the foaming liquid material, and the filling nozzle positioning form has a plug-in type or a floating type to adapt to different irrigations. High-end products. The pneumatic capping device has wide applicability, and the pneumatic cap is made of different specifications and different shapes of the capping design, and the pressure is reliable. Unique multi-filling head and suckback system designed for non-drip, ensuring that the production site and finished packaging are free from liquid contamination. Our company has been operating with integrity for many years and is deeply recognized by customers. Please feel free to choose.

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Welded Mesh Fencing

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