Comparison of integrated wall-mounted and automated fine filters

Many customers prefer wall-mounted filters to already built swimming pools. However, the integrated wall-mounted filter device is only suitable for swimming pools with a small amount of water. Like larger swimming pools and larger amounts of water, it is recommended to use automated equipment. Moreover, the above filtering equipment basically needs to pre-bury the pipeline in advance. Therefore, it is recommended that customers decide which equipment to use when they are ready to build a swimming pool. Otherwise, it will be a bit late to prepare the filter equipment after it is built. It is also very troublesome to modify.

Product Description: The shell is made of gel coat material, with exquisite design and exquisite shape. It does not need pipes and machine room, simple installation, convenient operation, high filtration precision, low management cost, etc. (such as: 1 no need to pre-embed the casing, avoid damage to the pool body Structure; 2 no need to set up the machine room, saving capital investment in the construction of the machine room; 3 no need to install external pipelines, to avoid long-term sinking and deformation of the pool body, resulting in pipeline rupture; 4 compared with the organic room, no need to invest in other special Requirements such as ventilation and drainage).
In addition to designing a high-precision filtration system, the equipment is also equipped with underwater lights, whitewater massage nozzles, stainless steel handrails, high- and low-speed "Water Way" pumps imported from the United States, PVC filter buckets, bottom suction devices, ozone disinfection systems, etc. Supporting equipment to achieve the effect of multi-purpose machine. The equipment adopts advanced membrane filtration technology, the filtration precision is ≤5μ, the cleaning is simple, and the operation is convenient to save water resources.

The integrated wall-mounted filter device has the following advantages:
1. No need to set up another machine room, the installation is simple, does not affect the structure of the pool wall, the construction is convenient, the equipment is installed only, it takes several working days.
2. Fully equipped, with multiple functions, easy to operate, low maintenance costs.
3. Small size, set filtration, escalator, disinfection, underwater lighting in one.

Especially suitable for small villa pools, enjoy swimming all year round

Tool Factory Customize Aluminium die cast LED Light Ring with Painting

 Product Description


Aluminum die casting parts 


 Aluminium die  casting Enclosure

Used Die cast Machine

(Depend on mould)

Die casting machine 120 ton -800 ton  


Main Processes Flow

(depends on part shape and requirement)

Drawing / or Samples â†’Mould making â†’Die casting â†’Deburring â†’Drilling and Tapping â†’CNC Machining â†’Polish→Surface treatment â†’Assembly â†’Quality inspection â†’ Packing â†’Shipping

Production Flow

Drawing/ or samples â†’ Mould making â†’Die casting and other processes â†’Get samples and send samples to customer for approval â†’ Mass Production ( casual inspection avoid unintentional situation) â†’ QC â†’ Packing â†’Shipping â†’Cycle to next order

Surface Treatment  (Optional by customer)

Polishing, Sandblasting, Painting, Powder coating, Galvanizing, Chrome plating

Anodizing , Real gold coating, Imitation gold,

Why choose us:


Good high quality mould and products 


Provide best service,at competitive price, Fast Delivery time


As well as engineer's specialized strong experience,professional expertise 


Various surface treatments available


OEM /ODM die casting parts are welcome

Die Cast Factory Customize Power Painted Three 1Die Cast Factory Customize Power Painted Three

LED lamp Light Aluminum casting frame

Led Light Shade,Led Light Panel,Led Lamp Light Aluminum Casting Frame,Casting Die Led Panel

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