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New Chinese-style furniture is a product of the times. On the premise of retaining the traditional tenon-and-mortise structure, the comfort is greatly improved. Based on the Ming-style furniture, the overall mahogany material is reduced, the soft-fitting comfort is increased, and the design is simple and clear. Mainly, round and lonely sense on the line, soft cloth is mainly cloth, linen, leather, hand embroidery, the color of the wood is kept as much as possible, raw paint, environmental protection paint, hot wax, medium and low in material Duan mahogany mainly includes: Hedgehog rosewood, Burmese rosewood, minibus flower, African rosewood, Asian rosewood, Zambian blood sandalwood and so on.

Secondly, neo-Chinese furniture is generally not cheaper than classical furniture or neo-classical furniture. Often a set of furniture is more expensive than classical furniture. No matter whether the materials or materials are used, they are much more expensive than the classical furniture. Many consumers do not understand. First, the design cost of new Chinese furniture is very expensive. Unlike traditional classical furniture, many styles are currency. Old carpenter masters can know the rate, material size, and practices without using the amount. A company wants to develop a full set of new Chinese-style furniture. The design cost is large, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions, followed by materials, and finally soft decoration. The cost of soft decoration accounts for almost three of the entire furniture. One in one.

New Chinese-style furniture and classical furniture are more personally preserved than classic furniture in terms of value preservation. The materials are large, the craftsmanship is complex, the carving is exquisite, and the craftsmanship is more full. With the use of new Chinese furniture, soft seat cushions have to be replaced regularly with certain wear and tear.

Heyixin Chinese furniture adopts African ebony, tenon and mortise structure, inheriting the model of Chinese furniture, it is your best choice

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Circulating Water Treatment Agent

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