Street Light Leakage Solution Ensures Rainy Season Illuminates People's Home

Street Lamp Leakage Overview ( Shenzhen Rui Sida )

1. Lamp leakage is a common phenomenon

Leakage caused by the destruction of cables due to pavement excavation, landscaping, etc. (Peripheral water damages pedestrians);

Leakage caused by insulation breakdown of the lamp (lighting of poles endangers pedestrians);

Electric leakage of cable joints in manholes (endangering pedestrians in rainy days);

The fuse terminal in the lamp post rusted and burned off the lamp line causing a “tumbler” phenomenon (the lamp pole energized the pedestrian);

According to the statistics of the cause of accidents that caused human injury due to electric leakage, 50% of the accidents were caused by insulation damages such as joints, lamp lines, and lamps in the lamp post.

2. The hazard of street lamp leakage

The irreparable injury and huge damages caused to the families of the victims after the accident resulted in the security incident, and seriously affected the credibility of the government.

Power losses, accelerated line aging, and higher maintenance costs have caused economic losses.

In the rainy days, it is often necessary to switch off and power off, resulting in the lack of urban lighting functions and the formation of new security risks.

Second, Rui Sida street lamp leakage treatment program

Manhole cable joint processing

The street lamp line has the characteristics of load dispersion and numerous joints, but at present, the joint processing technology of the domestic street lamp industry generally uses an insulating tape winding method. The treatment process has high requirements for the operator, and it is usually difficult to achieve satisfactory results. After a certain period of operation, the insulation value is generally low.

In the lamp pole, the cable gland is IP68 . Even if the rainwater submersion joint is connected, it will not leak current. At the same time, it can also prevent the joint from rusting, and the lamp post is maintenance-free. The lamp post connector also has the characteristics of convenient assembly and disassembly, and can be reused. When the line is faulty, it can be easily disassembled and installed, and there is no need for follow-up maintenance consumables.

Therefore, the protection appliance of the lamp also selects the electromagnetic leakage switch, which can avoid the phenomenon that the entire line lamp is not bright due to the failure of one lamp.

The leakage switch inside the lamp pole prevents accidents caused by insulation failure of the lamp and the lamp wire and causes the lamp stem to be energized. This avoids the occurrence of a lamp failure and results in the power failure of the entire line and greatly increases the lighting ratio. The leakage switch is placed in the waterproof box to prevent the terminal of the leakage switch from rusting and to avoid the malfunction of the leakage switch caused by the humidity, which can greatly reduce the maintenance workload.

The pole leakage switch in the forehead selects 2P/30mA electromagnetic leakage switch, and the protection level of the waterproof box requires IP66 .


3. Installation of leakage switch and phase separation overcurrent switch in the control box

Only installing the leakage switch on the outlet circuit of the control box can ensure that the current can be cut off in a timely manner in any case such as cable breakage, joint insulation failure, lamp damage, etc. to ensure the safe use of the street lamp.

Leakage switch selection - electromagnetic, 300mA , intelligent reset.

In order to avoid the frequent tripping of the leakage switch and increase the maintenance workload, the leakage switch in this scheme selects the electromagnetic leakage switch with the intelligent reset function. On the one hand, the electromagnetic leakage switch is not affected by the interference of the power supply voltage, causing little malfunction, no refusal, and high reliability of safety. On the other hand, if the strong lightning interference causes the leakage switch to trip, it will automatically check the insulation resistance of the circuit. In the case of no insulation failure, it can be closed automatically. If the line is faulty, the department closes the gate automatically. The second is to send an alarm signal and continuously monitor the insulation resistance of the line until the insulation recovers.

A single-pole overcurrent protector is installed separately on each phase of the control box outlet circuit loop. If the leakage switch can't be switched on automatically, the emergency phase should be handled separately to remove the fault phase, so that two-thirds of the lamps Light up first to avoid a single point of failure that would prevent the entire line light from lighting up. Effectively increase the lighting rate.

The phase-selection over-current protector selects the B- curve MCB to be more suitable for over-current protection of long lines, with a short-circuit capability of 10 kA .

III. Promptly advancing the suggestions for the treatment of street lamp leakage

Large- and medium-sized cities have implemented street lamp leakage control. It is very difficult to install a leakage switch. According to the statistics of the lines we have rectified, it is possible to directly install the leakage switch in less than 50% of the lines. Even if some lines were installed with a leakage switch, the insulation of the line was not In place, frequent switching tripping events occur on rainy days, which seriously affect the lighting rate. To ensure the lighting rate and maximize the safety of streetlights, we recommend:

1. Waterproof full swing mounted inside the poles and the poles of the GFCI cable connector

More than 50% of street lamp leakage accidents are caused by insulation faults in the lamp post. The full installation of waterproof connectors and leakage switches in the lamp post can greatly increase the safety of street lamps.

At the same time, because there is no high technical requirement for installation in the lamp post, ordinary electricians can implement the installation and have the conditions for full-scale work.

2. Set up a technical reform leading group to gradually advance the line inspection and installation of the control box leakage switch

Before installing the leakage switch on the circuit, it is required to pre-process the line fault and the line connector, otherwise the leakage switch will not operate normally, which will seriously affect the lighting rate. In order to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the leakage switch after installation, the circuit inspection and troubleshooting must be solid and meticulous, and the pursuit of once and for all, without leaving any trouble. Therefore, the installation work cannot be completed in a short time!

The establishment of a technical reform leading group has plans and steps to carry out rectification work. For example, it can formulate a three- year plan or even a five- year plan to complete rectification. Priority shall be given to rectifying flooding black spots, prioritizing rectification of personnel-intensive locations, prioritizing the rectification of important sites, etc.

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