What are the advantages of floor epoxy paint? What are the advantages of floor epoxy paint?

Nowadays people pay more and more attention to environmental protection and health, so as a kind of environmental protection paint, floor epoxy paint has won the favor of consumers. So, what performance epoxy floor paint has it? Advantages of epoxy floor paint and which do? Let Xiaobian to introduce performance and advantages of epoxy floor paint it!

Floor epoxy paint performance

1. As we all know, the floor epoxy paint has a very strong chemical resistance. Since the epoxy resin does not contain an ester bond and the aliphatic hydroxyl group contained therein does not react with the base, the cured epoxy resin has good stability, alkali resistance, and oil resistance. Epoxy resin coatings are often used for anticorrosive primers, oil tanks and other internal walls. However, epoxy paints are generally poor in acid resistance. Epoxy Primer (WD-079)

2, its main molding material is a special epoxy resin and polyamide curing agent, and then they add solvents, surfactants composed of epoxy primer coating. Primer for epoxy flooring works to increase the adhesion of the ground and to close the base layer. It adheres strongly to the concrete floor without cracking or peeling.

3, floor epoxy can not only play a role in the back cover, but also can prevent groundwater, dirt, grease and other seepage, caused by the epoxy floor foaming off, to prevent the epoxy floor coating leak to seepage to the ground, resulting in consumption And costs increase. Widely used in various factories of the walls, ceilings, floor anti-corrosion, dust, mold, anti-bacterial, such as GMP pharmaceuticals, electronics factory, food processing plants, textile factories, paper mills, hospital operating room and so on.

The advantages of epoxy floor paint

1, excellent adhesion

Because the epoxy paint inside the floor contains a large number of hydroxyl and ether bonds, it can be adsorbed with the bottom material. The volume shrinkage rate of the epoxy paint on the floor when curing is low (only about 2%), so the paint film has excellent adhesion to metal (steel, aluminum), ceramics, glass, concrete, wood and other polar substrates.

2, excellent chemical resistance

Floor epoxy paint has excellent chemical resistance. This is because the epoxy resin contains only hydrocarbon groups and ether bonds, and there are no ester bonds, so the alkali resistance is particularly prominent, and the general oily or alkyd anticorrosive primer. It is saponified and destroyed when it erodes the cathode, so it is alkaline. Epoxy floor coatings are alkali-resistant and have good adhesion, so they can be used in large quantities as anti-corrosion primers. Because epoxy paint is cured, it has a three-dimensional network structure after being cured, and can be impregnated with oil. It can also be widely used for anticorrosion of oil tanks, oil tanks, and aircraft's overall tank inner wall linings.

These are the epoxy floor paint on performance and what floor epoxy paint the entire contents of which have the advantage of, we want to help. If you want to know more relevant knowledge, you can continue to pay attention to the relevant information of this website. Xiao Bian will bring more exciting content for everyone.

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