Wall scraping putty construction process flow wall scraping putty note

Putty putty is a very important procedure when decorating the wall. Its quality will directly affect the flatness and aesthetics of the later wall. Many people do not understand the process and precautions of the construction process of wall scraping putty . How can the scraping putty be fast and good? The following Xiao Bian will introduce the construction process and precautions for the wall putty.

1, the wall scraping putty construction process - primary treatment

Due to the floor, materials and other reasons, the surface roughness of the cast-in-place concrete is slightly poor, and air holes, pockmarks, etc. will appear. Therefore, repair the unevenness on the wall. The plaster putty is filled and pressed with a steel scraper on defects such as honeycombs. Then use a special wire brush to clean the surface of debris, keep the wall flat and dry to the next process.

2, the wall scraping putty construction process flow - coating adhesive (slurry)

Before the putty is putted, it is also necessary to make a wall surface. The glue and the clean water should be blended in a certain proportion and then sprayed. The spraying must be uniform and there must be no omission. Then you can scrape the child, pay attention to scraping back and forth to scrape back and forth, pay attention to the upper and lower left and right sides of the joint to scrape formation, can not appear floppy.

3, wall scraping putty construction process - repair grinding

After the first pass of putty scraping, it can be reviewed in the place where it was previously repaired to see if there are any problems. If there is still a phenomenon of collapse, it is recommended to re-level it, dry it and then use sandpaper to polish it.

4, the wall scraping putty construction process flow - putty survival

After the first time putty dry, you can directly brush the second time putty, and general scraping can be putty twice, requiring the texture of the surface texture of the same. The phenomenon of different shades of color must not occur, which will seriously affect the decorative effect of the later period.

Wall scraping putty note points :

1. When scraping putty, the relevant parts of the floor, baseboard, balcony, window sill, etc., have to be protected and cannot be contaminated. Until the putty dries, the interior floor can be cleaned to prevent dust and other stains from reaching the wall. The walls of the putty must be maintained and cannot be bumped.

2, after the wall putty scraping, it is recommended that you can open the window for ventilation, prevent putty dry surface gloss is not enough. If the wall is covered with paint before, and now it is necessary to brush the latex paint again, it is necessary to remove the original wall and re-scrape the putty.

Conclusion: The above is the relevant content of the construction process of the wall scraping putty for everyone, hoping to help those in need. If you need to learn more about the later stage, please pay attention to the information on this site.

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