How to install high-bay window railings which kind of material Bay window guardrail is safer

The design of the bay window is very popular with modern young people. Basically, the houses will be designed with bay windows. However, if the bay windows are not equipped with guard rails, it is very unsafe. How can this high-bay window barrier be installed? Which kind of material is more safe for the floating window guardrail? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

First, how to install high-bay window guardrail

1, installation requirements

In general, installing high-rise floating window barriers is mainly for the safety of the family, so it is best installed in the bay window glass. Although this installation affects the appearance, it also blocks the line of sight, but its safety performance is more secure.

2, height requirements

In the same sense of safety, the height of the guardrail is strictly required, and the height of the guardrail is also at least 0.9 meters. If it is a floor-to-ceiling window design, the height of the guardrail should be higher, not less than 1.10 meters.

3, width requirements

For the height of the floating window barrier, the state has relevant regulations, and the width between the various railings is also stipulated. The distance between the vertical bars of the railing, that is, the width of the guardrail can not be greater than 0.11 meters, so that the safety issue for children is even greater. Guaranteed.

4, anti-corrosion requirements

In addition to considering its height and width, and its shape is not suitable for climbing, the high-bay floating window guard also needs to consider the problem of corrosion protection of the guardrail. Once the anti-corrosion is good, it is very easy to be damaged and destroyed after raining on the day, which greatly reduces the protective effect of the guardrail.

Second, what kind of material floating window guardrail is more secure

1, zinc steel fence

Generally speaking, for safety reasons, high-bay window rails will choose the overall strength is higher, because this kind of window security is higher, so the choice of zinc steel as a guardrail material is more practical, zinc steel guardrail surface are After special treatment, the surface layer forms a permanent protective film, which has the advantages of smooth surface, easy to rust, and easy cleaning.

2, iron fence

Wrought iron material barriers, in general, the price is still relatively cheap, because this guardrail material is mostly hollow inside, if you choose solid forged steel, it is more expensive, but more secure security.

3, stainless steel fence

The high-rise fence will also be made of stainless steel, but its style is relatively simple. It is difficult to distinguish between models, and its color is also more monotonous. It is also easy to rust and is only suitable for installation on the inside of the bay window.

4, wood protection

The use of wood preservatives as high-bay floating window guards is relatively rare, mainly because such guardrails are not only monotonous in style, but also have very low strength and poor safety. They are also susceptible to cracking and fading, but they are more decorative.

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