What is the purchase method of Yuba Yuba?

With the improvement of people's living standards, Yuba has become a must-have appliance in people's bathrooms. Nowadays, people bathe is a kind of enjoyment. Bathers will be installed in the bathroom, so that winter bathing will feel more warm and comfortable. Next, we will introduce how to buy Yuba and Yuba.

What is Yuba

Yuba is a combination of waterproof infrared light and ventilator fan, which combines bathroom ventilation, daily lighting, and decoration. However, there are many types of Yuba on the market and their quality is uneven. Everyone must pay more attention when purchasing.

Yuba shopping method

1, packaging and accessories

The products and packaging of the products produced by the regular manufacturers are exquisitely and clearly illustrated. The internal packaging of the products will be accompanied by instructions, certificates of conformity, and safety manuals. The accessories are complete.

2, mask

The quality of the Yuba mask is also very important. The mask with good quality not only has a smooth surface, but also has high temperature resistance and flame retardancy.

3, prominent decorative bathroom tyrants

Bathrooms are nicely decorated, and they don't take up too much space when installed. It is modern in appearance and color, full of natural beauty.

Yuba cleaning method

In the first step, first cut off the power, then remove the lamp from the Yuba, wipe it with a rag with a small amount of neutral detergent, and then wipe it with a clean dry cloth after the stain has been removed.

The second step is to wipe the inside of the chassis. Although the chassis is fixed at the top, it is necessary to perform thorough cleaning to ensure the service life of the bathroom heater.

The third step, wipe with a rag with a neutral detergent, wipe the stain, and then wipe with a clean rag, wipe clean, can not be exposed, can only dry, which is conducive to extending the life of the Yuba.

Editor's summary: About what is the way to buy Yuba and Yuba is introduced here, I hope to be helpful to everyone, want to know more relevant knowledge can focus on this site information.

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