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The wallpaper base film in wallpaper accessories is a new type of wall material that needs to be used when the wallpaper is pasted. When pasting the wallpaper, a layer of wallpaper base film can be applied on the wall surface so that a dense protective film can be formed on the wall surface to prevent extravasation of water and alkaline substances and prolong the service life of the wallpaper. The following small series to introduce what wallpaper accessories wallpaper and accessories brand.

What are the wallpaper accessories?

1, wallpaper base film

This base film can effectively prevent moisture leakage from the base surface of the construction surface and alkaline material leakage. It can prevent the damage to the wall materials such as moldy and black, and can effectively protect your wall surface in the case of micro cracks in the wall. .

2, wall adhesive

The color of the wall glue is generally white. This kind of wall glue has good anti-freezing properties. If it appears frozen in the winter, you can just open it with warm water.

3, wall powder

The wall plaster is made of potato or glutinous rice. This paste is not only sticky but also very environmentally friendly.

4, glutinous rice glue

Glutinous rice is made from glutinous rice. This glutinous rice gum has a wide range of use and long stickiness. The wet glue production raw materials can be divided into glutinous rice glue and vegetable starch glue two kinds.

5, wet glue

Wet glue began to rise in Japan and is a special high-performance adhesive for wallpapers. The price of this wallpaper accessory is slightly higher.

Wallpaper accessories brand

1. Jia Lifeng

Jialifeng has been recognized by many consumers for its variety of varieties and prices. The products include standard base films, anti-base films, crystal diamond base films, wall base treasures, and penetrating base films.

2. Yulan

Magnolia's wallpaper accessories are green, breathable, anti-freeze, anti-melt and other advantages. The product belongs to the high-end price, so consumers can consider according to their actual situation when purchasing.

3, Henkel, Germany

Henkel is the world's top 500 company. So far, the brand's three main products are home care, personal care and adhesive technology. Therefore, the selection of Henkel's base film products, in addition to price factors that require you to consider, the other is not a problem.

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Wallpaper Accessories

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