Qingdao decoration company expensive expensive choice decoration company notice

Qingdao is a very beautiful city, many people are looking forward to the beautiful scenery there, so more and more people buy houses in Qingdao. After the house is set up, it will begin to be renovated, so for the owners of Qingdao, they are most concerned about the decoration company's price issue, let's take a look at the contents of Qingdao decoration company's price!

Qingdao decoration company is expensive

1, Qingdao great space

Qingdao Jiakuo Space Decoration Co., Ltd. is very famous and believes that Qingdao people are not unfamiliar. The company not only has a good team of designers, but also has a very professional construction team. The latest quotations of 149m2 were given by them in the neo-classical decoration style. The decoration price was around RMB 500 per square meter. 100m2 small apartment, using a modern style, semi-package repair price of 200 yuan per square meter, its style, room different decoration offer is also different.

2. Qingdao Aishangjia

Qingdao's Ai Shangjia Company has contracted a lot of renovation projects, and most of these renovation projects are from different uses. For example, some residential clubs and sales offices, model rooms, real estate and other places, 80m2 Chinese-style ordinary residential, its decoration design is priced at 550 yuan per square meter, 120m2 Jianou style residential, renovation pricing at 800 per square meter Yuan around.

3, Qingdao Aurora

Aurora Decoration Company provides a number of more distinctive packages for customers in Qingdao. It is also considered more expensive for ordinary class workers. The company has undertaken projects such as ordinary houses, villas, office buildings, and small apartment decoration designs. 95m2 modern decoration style, all-inclusive mode decoration price is 800 yuan per square meter, 148 square meters of ordinary residential, use simple style, semi-packaging repair price of 270 yuan per square meter.

Select decoration company matters needing attention

1, the previous inspection

Choosing a decoration company must do a good job in the preliminary inspection. You can learn about the decoration company from many aspects. For example: advertising, television, Internet, etc., you can spend some time to collect information on the decoration company, and then go to the site to see if there is a legitimate business license, qualification certificates, etc., and then call or come to contact.

2, look at the site, the construction site

When visiting the decoration company, you can ask the decoration company to take you to visit their decoration works, or visit each home market model house, and then select one or two companies with satisfactory quality and reputation as candidates.

3. Listen to the opinions of professionals

When examining the decoration company, you may wish to listen to their suggestions because they are insiders. They are more experienced in decorating and they are also helpful for decoration.

4, see the budget

After communicating with the decoration company about the renovation plan, the decoration company will provide a budget quotation, which can be roughly judged according to the budget.

Xiaobian Quotations: The price of Qingdao decoration company and the selection of decoration company's notice are introduced. We hope to provide reference value for everyone. Some of the prices of Qingdao decoration companies are relatively expensive. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose according to your own economic conditions and choose the fitting company that suits you.

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