What is a good brand of basic maintenance tool kit? How much is the basic maintenance kit?

There is a set of spare household tools at home to solve some minor problems encountered in daily life. Hardware tools are the general term for various metal devices made of iron, steel, aluminum and other metals after forging, rolling, cutting and other physical processing. Some rich home basic repair kits also include hacksaws, paper cutters, test pencils, Allen wrenches, pipe wrenches, etc. What is the basic repair tool kit? What is the basic maintenance kit price?


What is a good brand of basic maintenance tool kit?

1, SATA Shida basic maintenance tool kit

At present, SATA Shida provides professional hand tools, electrical and electronic tools, automotive repair tools, tire repair equipment, pneumatic tools, hydraulic lifting tools, personal safety protection products and other seven categories of products for the Chinese market, more than 3,000 kinds of specifications. Its tool products are widely used in the production line of industrial and mining enterprises, equipment maintenance and repair, vehicle maintenance and industrial installation and construction.

2. STANLEY Stanley Basic Repair Tool Set

Stanley Hardware Tools (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Stanley STANLEY, the top ten brands of manual tools, began in 1843, under the umbrella of Stanley Black & Decker Inc., the world's tool expert and the world's largest manufacturer of fastening tools.

3, YATO Yi Ertuo basic maintenance tool kit

The top ten brands of hand tools originate from high quality tool brands in Europe, high quality tool brands from TOYA Group, specializing in hand tools and power tools, and enjoy high reputation among manufacturers and distributors worldwide.

4, Jieke JETECH basic maintenance tool kit

Shanghai Jieke Tools Co., Ltd., started in 1999, is a well-known hand tool brand, mainly pushing screwdrivers, Hexagon and other major categories of products, product design, production, packaging, quality inspection, sales of tool manufacturing companies.

How much is the basic maintenance kit?

Kraft Weill Home Toolbox Basic Repair Tool Set Tool Set H4001A129pcs¥99

Feituo (FEITUO) Toolbox Set Lithium Drill Hand Drill Home Hardware Set 12V Two-speed Charging Drill Lithium Set Multimeter ¥ 349

Ou Laide high-power household electric drill multi-function dual-use electric hammer drill combination repair kit electric hardware tool hammer drill 100 suit ¥ 188

Wankebao (WORKPRO) W1150 multi-purpose practical home tool kit set electrician woodworking maintenance hardware manual tool set ¥ 219

ANJIESHUN Multifunction Impact Drill Set Electric Drill Toolbox Household Electric Hammer Hand Drill Lithium Drill Screwdriver Hardware Tools BS- HOME SET ¥188

Bosch GSB600REset13mm Impact Drill Set¥399

Note: The above prices come from the network, for reference only

Hardware tools can be divided into tool hardware, construction hardware, daily hardware, lock grinding tools, kitchen hardware, home hardware and hardware components. It is believed that with the support and assistance of modern technology, the development of hardware tools will be further improved. When users purchase products, they will always choose products through comparison and suggestions. So what brand of basic maintenance tool kit is better? Or we are more concerned about, I believe that read the contents of the above article, we should have a basic understanding.

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