What are the hazards of formaldehyde?

As many household items are added to some degree in the production process, formaldehyde will come into being. Nowadays people are talking about the color change, what are the hazards of formaldehyde, what is the newly renovated house? What about the way to formaldehyde? Let's take a look.

1, What are the hazards of formaldehyde ?

a, damage the skin

This is the most obvious manifestation of its effects on the human body. Because it can be integrated with protein, people will soon appear when they live in a newly renovated house or use new furniture containing this substance. Skin allergies.

b. Destruction of the respiratory tract

It will further affect the function of the lungs for the stimulation of the nasal cavity, so if someone around you suddenly suffers from lung disease after staying in a new house, then you need to be vigilant because it is also one of the hazards of formaldehyde .

c. Insomnia

The harm of formaldehyde is also very fast for people who are sensitive to nerves. The slightness is only a little dizziness or headache, and some of these problems may be caused by insomnia, nausea, and eye discomfort.

d, pathogenic and carcinogenic

One of the most important reasons why people feel unusually scared is that it is highly pathogenic to the human body. It can not only reduce human immunity, but also affect human genes, causing humans to suffer from leukemia and other types of incurable diseases. Therefore, it can be said that the harm of formaldehyde is the most terrifying.

2, how to go to the new decoration of the house to formaldehyde

a. Strengthen ventilation

The danger of formaldehyde can be reached in very serious cases, usually because many people have stayed in the house without air conditioning. According to experts' tests, some of its toxic components may take up to several years to be evaporated. So be sure to open all the doors and windows of the house as much as possible, and ventilate it for at least 2 years, so that the harmful components will evaporate with the wind.

b, put more activated carbon

Everyone knows that activated charcoal has superior adsorption capabilities for both toxic and five-toxic odors. Many professional gas masks are made of it. Therefore, after the new house is renovated, it is necessary to purchase some regular native titanium activated carbon. Put it in every corner and change it often, it can play a good role in removing odor and adsorbing formaldehyde pique.

c. Tea

It is also a very good helper to purify the air and eliminate formaldehyde, and it is also very simple. Just leave the tea that you drank, dry it and lay it on the floor of the room, spread some new ones at intervals, and as time goes by, Formaldehyde is naturally taken away.

Xiao Bian concludes: Many people always hold a kind of flamboyant mentality that the harm of formaldehyde will not happen to themselves, but once it happens, it will probably be devastating, so Xiaobian recommends that everyone in the new house be renovated. May wish to refer to the text of the method, wait for the disappearance of formaldehyde and then check in.

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