Concrete staircase decoration method concrete stairs considerations

When decorating the house, there is a concrete staircase for the decoration of the stairs. This concrete staircase is durable and looks like a simple surface. In fact, when there are many precautions in the decoration of the concrete staircase, then everyone will come to our decoration home. Net Xiaobian understands what are the concrete steps of our concrete stairs, concrete stairs, and what are the precautions for concrete stairs.


First, the concrete staircase decoration method

1, tiling or stone, this is the easiest way.

2, paving solid wood flooring, need to play keel, more labor, solid wood flooring also needs to be rounded and then touch up.

3, paving the laminate floor, it is also relatively simple, with F-pressing strip.

4, paving the cork floor, also pay attention to the problem of closing.

5, the package of solid wood this to let the sale of finished solid wood stairs above the measurement after the custom.

6. One is that the developer has provided a stair structure with a cement foundation; the other is that there is no foundation, and you need to go to the market and choose your favorite stairway to install it. 7. For stairs that already have a cement foundation, some people will destroy it and reload it. However, before the infrastructure is destroyed, it must communicate with the property. The stairs in the general duplex and penthouses can be demolished. .

8. Stairs in single and split-level homes cannot be removed and remodeled at will. Therefore, when removing the original building components, you should first communicate with the property department and listen to their opinions before making a decision. The installation of the finished staircase is relatively simple.

Second, the concrete stairs considerations

Matter 1:

How long does it take for the cast-in-place cement staircase construction period? The cement pouring time can reach 3 months or more. Although the cement can solidify in about ten days, the cement moisture does not volatilize completely, plus solid wood. Afraid of moisture, so if you prematurely block all, it is easy to return to the tide and rot the pedal.


Matter 2:

In the early stage of cast-in-place stair cement, the designer needs to pay special attention to the distribution of stair step height. It can't be calculated according to the existing simple cement floor height. It also needs to calculate the height of the surface according to the stairway. It is worth noting that the starting step height is Be careful when you take the last step.

Matter 3:

Then, the specific operation steps of the cast-in-place concrete staircase are not mentioned here in detail, but it is worth noting that when pouring the stairs, concrete must be used together with the triangle of the steps. It must not be poured with concrete under the inclined plate, and the upper triangle is made of red brick or hollow brick. If this is the case, it is okay in terms of overall fastness, but there is a problem that the pedal surface is not good for fixing the pedal railing.

Matter 4:

(1) Conversion of concrete strength grade, stone type and particle size, pumping, commercial concrete, etc.

(2) When the amount of concrete is different from the design, adjustment is allowed.

Matter 5:

The pouring method, the stencil, the steel bar is not much to say, the conventional thing, pay attention to it, the pouring of the stairs must be used together with the triangular triangle of the stairs, some of the unreliable practice is to pour the concrete below the inclined plate, the triangle above Use red bricks or hollow bricks. Although the overall fastness is no problem, such a pedal surface is not suitable for fixing the pedal railing.

There are many ways to decorate our concrete stairs. Our friends can do this concrete staircase later. Here, we have a lot of knowledge about our concrete stairs. We hope that we can also help our friends, our decoration. Home Network also has more decorative information, friends pay more attention to thank you for reading!

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