[comprehensive] children's masks have not yet worn the national standard

Spring dust is more than bacteria, how to protect your baby's respiratory health? Many mothers have put on masks for their babies. However, in fact, many people do not choose pairs or wear pairs. Talk to everyone today about the correct posture of your baby wearing a mask in the spring.

First of all, let's first understand how old the baby is to wear a mask and under what circumstances to wear a mask.

How old is the baby to wear a mask

Regular masks are suitable for babies older than 3 years old. It is best not to wear babies under 2 years old. If a baby under 2 years of age wears a mask, he cannot put the mask on his face, and wearing it does not have any effect.

There is also that the better the antifouling of the mask, the worse the breathability. Masks are very tight on the face, although it can resist the invasion of bacteria, viruses, PM2.5, but it is not conducive to baby breathing fresh air. Compared with adults, the baby's lung function is poor, and with masks, breathing can become difficult, and it can even happen due to lack of oxygen.

When baby wants to wear a mask

When the baby is on special occasions or encounters special circumstances, everyone should still wear a mask. For example, when the baby goes to a crowded or airy public place, wearing a mask can stop the invasion of the bacteria. When the baby has a respiratory infection such as a cold or pneumonia, wearing a mask can prevent the spread of germs.

If the air pollution is severe, it is best not to take the baby out and let him “home”.

Masks are related to your baby's health. Everyone must not be careless when choosing a baby mask.

♦ Choose according to quality

Everybody should pay attention to the quality of the mask when choosing a mask for the baby. The quality of the mask that the baby wears is not effective. At present, China has not yet established a relevant standard for child-specific protective masks. Most of the "child-specific (moth-proof) masks sold on the market are untrue, but they are only a reduced version of the population cover. Everyone must pay attention. The following sister Yu Jie said a few common masks are suitable for the baby to wear.

(1) cotton mask

Cotton masks are comfortable and breathable and are ideal for baby wear. In general, choose 6-8 layers of masks for your baby.

(2) N95 masks

Compared with cotton masks, N95 masks are more protective. However, this kind of mask has a good seal and it is easy to block the baby's mouth and nose from affecting breathing. Therefore, Yujie does not recommend that you wear it for babies under 3 years old.

(3) Disposable masks

This kind of mask may not be able to play a role in sterilization and cannot effectively resist haze, dust, viruses, etc. The baby is also not recommended for baby wear.

(4) Masks with defective materials

Some masks contain silica gel and poor quality plastics. During use, harmful gases such as formaldehyde may be released, thereby affecting baby's health. Some masks have a high content of fiber and are not only prone to static electricity, but also irritate your baby's skin. It is best not to wear these masks to your baby.

♦ Choose the right size

Mask size is too large or too small to have a direct impact on the filtering effect of the mask, we should choose the mask according to the actual situation of the baby's age and face size. In general, 8-10 cm masks are ideal for baby wear, and even better if you have a resize function.

Many babies are reluctant to wear masks. What should we do? Education sister teach you a few small coups.

1. Mom and Dad wear with their baby

When the baby is resistant to the mask, everyone can try to wear it with the baby. With the company of mom and dad, the baby is more psychologically acceptable.

2. Let the baby graffiti on the mask

Wearing his own graffiti mask goes out, the baby must like it. However, please note that the mask is in direct contact with the nose and mouth and should be given to the baby to use a non-toxic brush graffiti. If the quality of the brush is not good, the baby may inhale harmful substances while wearing a mask.

3. Look at the mirror and wear a mask

Some babies are more sensitive to touch, and when they can't see how their masks are worn on their faces, they feel strange and afraid to wear masks. When the baby looks at the mirror and wears a mask to clearly see how the mask covers his face, he is less afraid.

4. Buy masks with beautiful patterns

Some masks are printed with stars, flowers or cartoon designs and are deeply loved by the babies. However, this mask with a beautiful pattern is not as effective as a medical mask. Yu Yee suggested that everyone use it as a transitional product. Once the baby has received a mask, it can be replaced with a medical disposable mask. If the baby is only willing to wear a mask with a pattern, it is best to let the baby wear a layer of medical mask again in the weather with heavy air pollution or the high incidence of flu.

Tips: Precautions for wearing a baby mask:

1. The baby's mask cannot be shared with others and cannot be worn for a long time. When a baby wears a mask for more than 6 hours, it will experience a drop in resistance due to the inability to breathe fresh air for a long time.

2. Wear a mask to distinguish between the positive and negative aspects. Masks are in direct contact with the nose and mouth; outside is in contact with the outside world. There is no risk of the baby becoming infected with the bacteria.

3. Don't let him put his nose out after wearing a mask, otherwise he will also increase the risk of infection.

4. Everyone should regularly clean the masks to avoid breeding bacteria that can make the baby sick.

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