Three major symptoms of LCD splicing screen

[ Huaqiang Security Network News ] Finally, the author will teach you a few tricks, dealing with several small methods of LCD splicing screen , I hope you can help.
LCD splicing screen
Common Symptoms 1: There will be “clutter” and “noise” in the LCD screen.
Solution: The above situation is likely due to the loose connection between the LCD splicing screen and the graphics card. As long as the connection cable is firmly connected, the condition of "clutter" and "noise" can be improved.
Common Symptoms 2: Irregular and intermittent horizontal stripes on the screen. Check if the graphics card is overclocked. If the graphics card is overclocked, the above situation will often occur. At this time, the overclocking range should be reduced appropriately. However, you should first reduce the memory. Frequency of.
Common Symptom 3: If there is a flower screen, but the above two measures are not effective after the solution, after the above situation, the user has to check the quality of the video card. The user can check whether the anti-electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic shielding quality of the graphics card pass. The specific method is to install some components that may cause electromagnetic interference as far as possible from the graphics card installation (such as the hard disk), and then see if the flower screen disappears. If it is determined that the electromagnetic shielding function of the graphics card is off, you should replace the graphics card or make a shield.
There is also a way to solve the screen screen, which is to check if an incompatible graphics driver is installed. This situation is generally overlooked because the graphics card driver is getting faster and faster, and some users can't wait to install the latest version of the driver. In fact, some of the latest drivers are either beta versions or optimized for a particular graphics card or game. Using such drivers can sometimes lead to the appearance of a screen, so users should use the drivers provided by the graphics card manufacturer whenever possible.

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