Management techniques of deciduous fruit trees after fruit picking

Recently, Beihu District Jingcai Station has conducted technical training on the management of deciduous fruit trees such as peach, pear, plum and grape. So far, five training courses have been held and more than 700 technical materials have been distributed. Specific management measures: First, fight drugs to prevent pests and diseases. At present, it is in the high temperature season. High temperature and high humidity are conducive to the occurrence of many diseases, such as black spot disease, black spot disease of pear trees, downy mildew of grapes, etc., which are targeted to strengthen pest control, keep old leaves, and produce high yields next year. Lay the foundation; the second is fertilization. Now we introduce the winter fertilizer and promote the flower bud differentiation. The high-yield tree plant is compounded with 5 kg of organic fertilizer and 1 kg of compound fertilizer; the third is irrigation and drought resistance. The general orchards are built in dry land, and the conditional orchards pay attention to irrigation and drought, so as not to open winter flowers, affecting the output next year; After picking the fruit, the cut off pests, dead branches, fallen leaves, weeds and orchards are burned in concentrated, and then the whole garden is disinfected with Bamei 5 degree stone sulfur mixture to reduce the overwintering bacteria; For the field where the soil is knotted, deep turning in the winter, and 75 kg of lime per acre is applied to change the soil. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
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