Building materials market prices continue to decline downward transactions weakened

Building materials market prices continue to decline downward transactions weakened

According to my steel network monitoring, the spot market price of building materials fell weakly on the 21st. Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Jinan, Hefei, Nanchang, Changsha, Wuhan, Shijiazhuang, Taiyuan, Guiyang, the market price fell 10 yuan -50 yuan / ton. Among them, the market prices in Changsha and Wuhan have fallen by a relatively large margin of 50 yuan/ton. The price of Fuzhou and Guangzhou rose by RMB 10/t. Now the national market HRB400 (20MM) average price is 2270 yuan / ton, compared with the previous day's price fell 11 yuan / ton.

From the market feedback situation, date snail 1601 night volatility operation, closing 2039, up 0.30% compared with yesterday; morning screw 1601 level opened at 2039, compared with yesterday's rise of 0.30%. Today (21st), the steel producers in the Jiangsu region will issue a new price policy. The market expects prices to rise steadily, but the spot market price has become loose. According to the trader's reaction, in view of the current market, the current trend of weaker prices is more obvious. If the price of steel mills continues to increase, it is a converse trend. However, there is no actual support for the price increase, and the spot price will still fall; in addition, this The round of price rounds may cause the market to go down, and the rate of price fall may accelerate. On the whole, due to poor transactions in the current market, the market mentality has weakened, and the risk of recent decline is relatively large.

On today's industry information surface, Hebei Iron & Steel announced the fixed increase plan on the evening of August 23. The company plans to issue 1.429 billion shares non-publicly at a price of 5.6 yuan per share. The total amount of funds raised shall not exceed 8 billion yuan, and will be used after deducting the issuance cost. Acquisition of a 100% stake in Tangshan Automobile Board Company held by the Tangshan Iron & Steel Group, a shareholder, the construction of the second phase of the new high-strength automotive plate technology transformation project, and repayment of bank borrowings. The company's shares resume trading on August 24.

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