Three key issues that burglar alarm installation should pay attention to

Three key issues that should be noted when installing burglar alarms:

The first is the installation location:

Where the burglar alarm is installed directly affects what effect it will achieve. If the burglar alarm is installed in the wrong place, not only the alarm effect is not achieved, but also the disassembly of the reinstallation takes a lot of effort. So the installation site is the first one. When installing a burglar alarm, the host must be installed in a place where there is a power cord or a telephone line. In addition, the installation must be convenient for wiring. The wireless alarm host is preferably installed at the center of all detectors to facilitate signal reception and avoid poor channel conditions. Finally, burglar alarms are high-frequency electronic products that are easily disturbed by the power of the home appliance. Therefore, it is best to install them at a certain distance from home appliances.

Followed by material selection:

After selecting the installation location, you have to start selecting products. First of all, for the host selection of burglar alarms, customers will no doubt choose a famous brand and have a quality assurance host. However, while paying attention to the host, people always ignore the same important thing, that is, the pipeline. In many cases, in order to save costs, customers' requests for pipelines are always "satisfactory," and they do not pay much attention. This will bury deeper security risks. Many sophisticated thieves will choose to destroy the pipeline to achieve the purpose of making the burglar alarm malfunction.

When choosing a pipeline, avoid choosing anti-theft alarm devices that use PVC pipes or slots for protection. Instead, choose galvanized steel pipes. Because PVC pipes lack the hardness index of galvanized steel pipes, they are more vulnerable to vandalism. The selection of a pipeline with a material with a large hardness increases the self-defense capability of the anti-theft alarm.

The last is the concealment of the installation:

The main purpose of installing burglar alarms is theft prevention. The so-called enemy is clearly in my case, many thieves have detected the location of the crime for a long time before committing the crime, so the burglar alarm must be installed in a relatively hidden place to prevent the thieves from doing damage. In many cases, many users buy alarms and install them directly in a conspicuous place, which means scaring the thieves and trying to achieve the effect of fighting soldiers without fighting. But the fact is the opposite, and now many professional thieves know more about the security equipment than we have imagined, and actively show the alarm to other people, which is equivalent to the key to open the door to the other party, skilled thieves can easily Crack burglar alarm. Therefore, we must pay attention to the use of concealed anti-theft alarm equipment, do not give the perpetrators to leave the destruction of targets and create anti-alarm conditions.

In addition to paying attention to the concealment of the installation of burglar alarms, the concealment of the installation of pipelines is also very important. If the thief breaks the pipeline, burglar alarms will not work. As for the hidden nature of the pipeline, it mainly depends on real estate developers. If they can take this into consideration when building a building, it is best to ensure that the concealment of the entire transmission path will not be carried out any more. Second construction.

While maintaining the concealment of the pipeline, it is also necessary to consider that the pre-buried pipe can be flexibly and conveniently connected with the main bridge, so that the convenience of using the threading device can be pre-placed in each case through the jacket pipe as soon as possible. Small diameter steel cable.

Modern home improvement, while considering beauty, should also consider whether it is suitable for anti-theft requirements. At the same time as the decoration, the design integrates beauty and safety into one, which not only enables the decoration to reach a more perfect standard, but also to live comfortably and at ease.

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