Five functions of the intelligent ladder control system

[ Huaqiang Security Network News ] Intelligent intelligent ladder control system is actually an elevator control technology. A system device similar to "access control" is installed on the original elevator. Only after the card is swiped, the elevator will start, and the owner will be sent to it. Floor.
Five functions of the intelligent ladder control system
1. The basic function can automatically identify the type and authority of the IC card to prevent the cardless personnel from illegally using the elevator. Once the controller has hardware and software failures, the elevator can be automatically restored to the free state immediately, and the elevator can be lifted by the button. The fire emergency switch implements the function of linkage. A unique in-line PIN pad instead of an IC card. Residents can change their own passwords without the need for management personnel to participate, reducing cumbersome management and increasing security.
2. Management function system management: set system administrator and operator permissions.
Card issuance management: IC card initialization, card replacement, card replacement, blacklist, loss reporting, etc.
Permission settings: Set cardholder floor permissions.
Time period setting: time, date, holiday, etc. In and out elevator permission setting Elevator open use period: Switch to non-IC card control status by time period Floor open time period, valid period of an IC card 3. Record function controller records each operation ( Including card number, card time, registration floor, etc.)
The record can be read on the management center computer through the collector or network, and can be searched by time, elevator number, specific cardholder, etc., and automatically generate various comprehensive management reports . 4. The card function uses standard non-contact IC Card, can share an IC card with the parking lot, clubhouse consumption, access control attendance and other systems to form a real card.
A card management center is used together to implement card management on one platform.
Can use the overall integrated card of Wanglong Company;
If there are other company IC card systems, you only need to reserve the corresponding partition and provide the card key to realize the elevator card;
5. Extended function supports fire linkage and BA linkage;
Support the building intercom system intelligent linkage to open the owner's corresponding floor elevator permission function;
More expansion of other card subsystems according to customer requirements;
6. System characteristics The system IC card control equipment is installed in the car or the car top, and the linkage signal acquisition equipment is installed in the ladder well or in the weak electric shaft of the building;
Offline and networked management modes, with RS485 interface, can upload and download data through the network or data collector and elevator management computer; this project is offline mode because of the convenient construction and maintenance of the system.
The motherboard is equipped with an RS232 communication interface, and the management computer can communicate with the system through the data collector.
The intercom type IC card controller and the elevator itself system adopt passive contact connection, and the two are completely isolated to ensure that the two operations do not interfere with each other.
It can be used with optional software such as software and data collector to realize blacklist management function to prevent card loss from being illegally used by illegal users.
Time limit: Flexible setting of the card usage period (ie IC card control period) and non-swipe period (ie open use period), can be personalized for the building, elevator number, and certain elevator floor. The segment will automatically convert afterwards.
Directly swiping the card: directly registering the card, no need to press the button, highlighting the intelligence, the user with only one floor permission in the card can realize the function of swiping the card directly.
Password keyboard: The only password keyboard reader in the industry. For the owner who has forgotten the card, an elevator function is added to the password keyboard. Each floor corresponds to a different password. Each floor can be set by the owner according to the needs. The password and password are set and modified by the owner. It is not necessary to pass the property management. The user only needs to remember the password of the corresponding floor and input it. The floor button will be activated automatically. Intercom host linkage call (this function is optional): the walkie-talkie through the embedded access control (this access must provide two passive switch output), can realize the card open unit access lock, the intercom split opportunity to the elevator 1 The signal (the signal is a passive dry contact signal, provided by the walkie-talkie manufacturer) linkages the elevator outbound button, and activates the elevator outside call up button to make the elevator automatically run to the first floor.

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