The advantages of contactless card IC card

[ Huaqiang Security Network News ] Compared with contact IC cards, non-contact IC cards have the following advantages:
Contactless card IC card
1. High reliability: There is no mechanical contact between the non-contact IC card and the reader, which avoids various faults caused by contact and reading. For example: failure due to rough card insertion, non-card foreign object insertion, dust or oil, and poor contact. In addition, the non-contact card surface has no exposed chip, and there is no need to worry about the chip falling off, electrostatic breakdown, bending damage, etc., which is convenient for printing the card and improves the reliability of the card.
2. Easy to operate and fast: Due to non-contact communication, the reader can operate the card within 10cm, so it is not necessary to insert the card, which is very convenient for users. The contactless card has no directionality when used, and the card can be swiped and read in any direction to complete the operation, which greatly improves the speed of each use.
3. Anti-collision: The contactless card has a fast anti-collision mechanism to prevent data interference between cards. Therefore, the reader can process multiple non-contact IC cards "simultaneously". This improves the parallelism of the application and virtually increases the speed of the system.
4. Can be suitable for a variety of applications: the storage structure of the contactless card makes it a multi-purpose card, can be applied to different systems, users can set different passwords and access conditions according to different applications.
5. Good encryption performance: The serial number of the contactless card is unique. The serial number is solidified by the manufacturer before leaving the factory and cannot be changed. The two-way authentication mechanism is adopted between the contactless card and the reader, that is, the reader verifies the legality of the IC card, and the IC card also verifies the legality of the reader. The contactless card is authenticated three times with the reader before processing, and all data is encrypted during the communication process. In addition, each sector in the card has its own operating password and access conditions, with the above unparalleled advantages, so it is suitable for use in electronic wallets, highway automatic toll collection systems and bus ticketing systems.

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