Room lightning protection must see seven

1. What damaged my equipment?

The damage of equipment room is often caused by lightning overvoltage. It is divided into direct lightning and induced lightning. With the popularity of lightning rods, the damage caused by direct lightning has rarely occurred. Inductive lightnings, which are often overlooked by people, often invade electronic equipment. The property damage caused each year is difficult to estimate.

2. Is lightning rod enough?

With the development of modern science and technology, electrical equipment is becoming more and more sophisticated, especially in equipment room switches, computers and other equipment, which are more easily damaged by lightning strikes. Although lightning rods can prevent thunder and lightning from hitting the equipment in the equipment room, the protected equipment still has the possibility of being damaged by induced lightning caused by lightning. In order to resist the impact of induced lightning, we also need to install lightning arresters on the road.

3. What are the types of lightning protection devices? According to the principle of operation, they are divided into voltage switching type, pressure limiting type, and combination type. According to the purpose, they are divided into power lightning protection devices, signal lightning protection devices, and combination lightning protection devices. 4. How to choose lightning protection The model of the device first needs to find out where the lightning protection device is used. According to the three-level lightning protection principle, the protection measures required for the power supply and the device are divided into three levels. Install the first-level lightning protection device in the main power distribution cabinet, select the power supply lightning protection device with a relatively large current capacity (the maximum discharge current is 80KA~160KA depending on the situation), and then install the second level at the subregional distribution box. Power surge protector (about 40KA), and finally install the third-level power surge protector (10KA-40KA) at the front of the device. In addition, the signal lightning protection device must be selected according to the object to be protected by itself. In general, the computer room selects the network signal lightning protection device.

5. How to install the lightning arrester First, the lightning arrester needs to discharge current and must be grounded; secondly, the lightning arrester needs to be connected in parallel or in series between the protection device and the signal channel; in addition, the input terminal of the signal surge protector (IN) Connected to the signal path, the output (OUT) is connected to the protected equipment and is installed close to the protected equipment, and cannot be reversed. Finally, connect the grounding wire of the SPD to the grounding bar of the lightning protection system. The shorter the wiring, the better. The maximum length cannot exceed 1m.

6. Arrester purchase items Nowadays, the DC arrester on the market is uneven, and the performance of some imported brands' surge arresters is really good, but the price is high, and many of them are OEM-processed in China. In addition, some lightning arrester companies, small workshops, and products have not been certified and filed by the lightning protection center, and the quality is difficult to guarantee. For example, the lightning protection devices of Kejia Electric all go through rigorous production and testing, and have 3C certification and test reports. These are the things that must be noticed when choosing SPDs.

7. Shielding measures To ensure that the local area network lines and telephone lines in the equipment room need to be shielded and routed (that is, there is no set of metal trunking guides), metal trunking is installed on the equipment room lines to shield the telephone and network lines. Equipotential grounding at both ends of the metal trunking can effectively prevent the lightning surge from invading.

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